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in the composite materials market.

Business sectors:


  • Integral Insulation
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Rigid
  • Low Maintenance
  • Impact Resistant
  • Can be coloured in the mass
  • Easy to paint or stain if needed
  • Impervious to Elements
  • Will not rot
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ISO 9001
TS 16949
Construction industry

History of VROD

Pultrall manufactures V•ROD rebars by combining the pultrusion process and an in-line coating process for the outside, sanded surface. The company’s manufacturing processes meet ISO 9001-2000 standards. In addition, in-house quality control tests are routinely performed along with tests performed by independent laboratories.

Fiberglass reinforcement

V•ROD composite rebar has been manufactured by Pultrall since 1987. The FRP composite rebar is made from high strength glass fibers and an extremely resistant vinyl ester resin.

The glass fibers impart strength to the rod while the vinyl ester resin imparts excellent corrosion resistance properties in harsh chemical and alkaline environments.

Carbon reinforcement

A carbon/vinyl ester product is also available for structures that require more stiffness and enhanced mechanical properties. FRP rebar significantly improves the longevity of civil engineering structures where corrosion is a major factor.

Why choosing V•ROD?

Compared to conventional steel rebars, composite rebars are perfectly optimized for concrete structures, that are:

  • Subjected to deicing salts
  • Need electrical and/or magnetic neutrality
  • Used as waterfront structures in salt water or in coastal areas
  • Subjected to corrosive agents
How are our products used
in the construction industry?
Architectural Elements

Impact resistance, rigidity and the painting easiness of pultrusion products make it the ideal material for the fabrication of structural/decorative columns as well as handrails and other elements that give a home its personality.

Our products are not only solid, they’ll add value to any property.

Architectural Elements: decorative columns, handrails, etc.
Door and Window Frames

Pultrusion profiles have already been used for quite some time in the fabrication of door and window lineal parts and the choice is obvious.

They resist corrosion, humidity and salty air, they are as dimensionally stable to temperature changes as glass itself, they generally don’t necessitate the addition of metallic reinforcements because of their solidity and exhibit still a number of other advantages.

Pultrall possesses the technologies and the know-how to serve your needs in this field of application.

Door and Window Frames
Protection Elements for Underground Cables & Pipes

Even though concerned organizations keep emitting notices in this regard and other identification means in place, cables and pipes are still too often damaged during excavation work.

Pultrusion, because of its chemical stability, unlike treated wood that releases toxins and furans in the ground, and its lifespan, not being affected by elements and ground’s biology, make it a premium choice material for this kind of application, also being reusable.

You can even choose the color to personalize your equipment.

Protection Elements for Underground Cables & Pipes

The Most Remarkable Evolution
since the Beginning of Reinforced Concrete!

There is no way around the use of reinforced concrete in the construction of buildings and structures. However, steel reinforcement can cause expensive problems both in terms of logistics and in length of service life.

At last, thanks to V•ROD, builders and owners of structures can take advantage of a major evolution in reinforced concrete technology.

This means:
More secure structures •
Non-existent corrosion •
Reduced life cycle cost of 15 to 30% •

The advantages of V•ROD rebar are backed by years of testing and actual field results in the most demanding conditions. From now on, limitations will lie with the concrete, and not the reinforcement.

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